Our Services

Our “Espresso” manicures provide the TLC your nails need, and all in the same length of time as a coffee break! We understand that time is precious, so we use the latest nail technology to deliver longer lasting manicures.

Please contact us at info@manipod.co.uk for for prices in your region as well as our fixed and subsidised day rates.



15 minutes

(Shape & Polish)

Sit back & relax, as we cut or shape your nails and perfectly polish them with two coats of a CND® VINYLUX® polish of your choice.

CND Vinylux is a breakthrough polish that endures 5 to 7 days of fashion perfection. Exposure to natural light activates this patented technology, making your polish more durable over time!



18 minutes


The ‘Espresso Deluxe’ builds on the ‘Espresso’ manicure. 

In addition, we groom and condition your cuticles followed by a hand massage before the CND Vinylux polish is applied.


Espresso Gelato

35 minutes

(Shellac Manicure)

14+ Day Wear. Mirror Shine. Zero Dry Time. No Nail Damage.
Need we say more?

Experience the best and only chip-free manicure with CND® SHELLAC®, a high shine and chip free manicure that lasts for 14 days.

We also offer free gel removal when you book a gel manicure with us.


French Finish

+ 10 minutes

(French manicure)

Add a dash of milk…

If you want a long lasting classic and elegant look, nothing beats the pale pink base & bright white tips of a French manicure.


Espresso Shot (FOR MEN)

£10 – 10 minutes

Real men understand that clean and presentable nails look sophisticated and professional – why ruin a well-tailored suit, impeccable hair cut and fresh shave, with ragged fingernails?

Sit back & relax as our 10 minute “Espresso Shot” manicure gives you the kick that your week needs.

We’ll groom your cuticles, shape & buff your nails, before topping it off with a light finger massage.